Whatever you want, it would be amazingly lucky to buy one of today's hottest paintings... Some of the paintings featured on this Website are still available at the moment : each one being absolutely unique. When you choose one of them, you become the actual owner of the physical piece of art and of the related digital file. An exclusive certificate is issued,
with a specific identification Code. This is either an engraving on a thick aluminium board, sealed, signed, and delivered and baring the painter's signature. You can also purchase a painting as a single digital file. The image will be printed in a hi-resolution format, on a secured CD-ROM : all formats are available. Should the printing occur immediately or not, the digital file has the same value. Each painting being an exclusive piece of art, the certificate displays all the significant details. The transaction is fully concluded when the painting is delivered. The artist only has a printing moral right.

First, you have to choose your favorite painting within the website galleries. You can eventually send us a copied image of the ones you want in a mail. The adress is under the arrowbase sign revolving on the right. Mention the title of the painting especially if you want it to be produced by the artist. It is also possible to order specific portraits for close friends or relatives crafted as emotional landscapes. Then either pay by cheque sent to the postal adress below or click to pay on the secured PayPay Page for a crypted transaction by clicking on the Visa/Mastercard icon below. TVA and shipping will automatically be processed.

Once the transaction is completed, the Painting is shipped whereever in the world via Fedex within ten days.

Postal addresse : 14, rue Carpeaux / 75018 / Paris / France / Tél : 01 42 63 01 76 / Fax : 
01 42 63 01 76

Prices range from $5000 to $10000 for large paintings (more than 200x200cm). A optional payment within three monthes can also be submitted. It is also possible to print larger canvases... The larger ones can be has wide as the printing techniques allow it (up to 400 x 300 cm or more at a price of $10000 to 15000). The Paintings are engraved upon Aluminium Metal boards. The best way to become a Butterfly Collector! Lucky You!